Oregon Green Clean


 Our Cleaning Team

Oregon Green Clean House Cleaners
  • All employees have prior experience in house cleaning or a related field
  • All employees have passed background checks & drug screening 
  • All employees are trained on "Safety, Service & Shine"
  • Oregon Green Clean is licensed, bonded and insured
  • Contact us to inquire about employment opportunities
  • Please note that all shifts include a short break, as required by law, and also a few minutes for greeting/set-up time. Thank you!

Customer/Employee Cooperation

Safety is always our Number One Priority!

We will reschedule your service in case of inclement weather (snow, icy roads or extreme heat).

Please help us follow our own health & safety rules by not asking us to do these things:

  • Use a ladder other than our company-provided OSHA-approved 2-step ladder
  • Use a ladder in a bathroom or on an unstable surface
  • Remove our closed-toe, non-skid shoes, or to wear shoe covers
  • Clean a litter box, diaper pail, ashtray, or any human or animal waste or bodily fluids (other than toilets)
  • Clean a light fixture or electrical outlet with anything other than a dry cloth
  • Clean with a product not documented with Safety Data Sheets in our Employee Handbook
  • Expose us to asbestos, lead paint, tobacco smoke, fireplace ashes or other toxic chemicals 
         (in compliance with Oregon's Indoor Clean Air Act, the Smokefree Workplace Law)
  • Expose us to an aggressive pet or an aggressive breed of pet
  • Expose us to a loaded weapon or any other unsafe situation
  • Expose us to an overheated environment (Please let us open a window or adjust your HVAC)
  • Ask us to care for your child, or leave us in a home alone with a minor of any age (We are not insured for these activities)
  • Ask us to walk or otherwise care for your pet  (We are not insured for these activities)
  • We are not responsible for kenneling your pet, letting them outside, or any other task regarding a pet
  • We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by your pet due to our action or inaction
  • Run an errand for you, or drive you on an errand (We are not insured for these activities)
  • Cook or do any food preparation (We are not insured for these activities)
  • We cannot work at an address which has no cell phone signal and no available landline
Thank you for your continued cooperation!