Oregon Green Clean


 Our Green Cleaning Products


Benefits of Using Green Products

  • Would you like to keep your home clean and sanitized without using harsh chemicals?
  • Did you know there are natural alternatives that are safer for your children, pets, and the environment?
  • We use eco-friendly products which are biodegradable and contain plant-derived enzymes and essential oils.
  • These non-toxic ingredients are antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, while acting as natural degreasers and cleaning agents.
  • Imagine replacing the odors of bleach and ammonia with fresh citrus and floral scents!
  • Please ask in advance if you would like us to use a non-scented product.
  • Of course, we also use plenty of "elbow grease", a renewable resource :)

Which Product Brands Do We Use?

  • Biokleen Bac-Out (Green Seal Certified)
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day
  • Seventh Generation
  • Simple Truth Organic

  • Bona
  • Bon Ami
  • CitraSolv
  • Ecos
  • Murphy