Oregon Green Clean


Regular House Cleaning Service

Oregon Green Clean provides regularly scheduled cleanings on a Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly basis.

Regular (Repeat) Service is $40 per hour .

One-Time, First-Time or Saturday service is charged at the higher rates of $45-$50 per hour.
Please call for a free estimate, and also see our Estimate Chart.


"Basic" Cleaning - 4 Hour Service

  • Bathrooms & Kitchen:  Clean all fixtures & surfaces
  • Bedrooms & Common Areas:  Dust & spot clean
  • Carpets & Floors:  Vacuum & mop
  • "Maid Services" *:  (On request) Bedding, dishes, laundry and/or trash 
Regular Service  $160;  First-Time  $180-$200

"Deluxe" Cleaning - 6 Hour Service

All "Basic" services, plus One of these Add~Ons:

  • Larger Home:  2000+ sq ft, 3+ bathrooms or extra rooms/projects
  • Windows:  Clean windows, glass doors, frames, tracks & blinds
  • Deep-Clean Kitchen:  Clean inside the oven, refrigerator and/or cabinets
Regular Service  $240;  First-Time  $270-$300

"Mini" Cleaning - 2 Hour Service

Please consider extra time (deeper cleaning) for your first service.
  • Smaller Home:  Ideal for apartments & condos (2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom & small kitchen)
  • Partial Home:  Perhaps you just need bathrooms, floors or some other area of your larger home
  • Quick-Clean:  2 hours may be enough to touch~up your well~maintained home
All 2~Hour Services will be scheduled to coordinate with other customers in the same geographic area.
Regular Service  $80;  First-Time  $90-$100
Please note that all shifts include a short break, as required by law, and also a few minutes for greeting/set-up time. Thank you!

* We offer these "maid-type services" as a courtesy to our elderly, disabled, and temporarily disabled customers. For other families, these "household duties" may be requested on an occasional basis. 

Please remember that we are a general house cleaning company. You may wish to hire a personal assistant if these tasks will exceed 1/4 of our cleaning time.