Oregon Green Clean


Spring Cleaning & Deep-Cleaning 

Please be honest about the condition of the home so that we can properly estimate the time needed for completion.
Most one~time service is billed at $45-$50 per Hour.
Please call for a free estimate, and also see our Estimate Chart.

"Kick-Start" Cleaning

Quotes will depend on the size & condition of the home
  • Has life gotten in the way of regular housekeeping?
  • We can help you get your home back to maintenance level.
  • Just tell us your cleaning priorities, or relax & let us worry about the dirty details!
  • Please allow enough time for us to do our job well, for a larger home or challenging conditions.
  • For a time estimate, see descriptions of our Regular Services and our Estimate Chart.
Regular Service $40 per Hour;  First-Time: $45-$50 per Hour
(All Saturday & "extreme" service is charged at the higher rate)


Please note that all shifts include a short break, as required by law, and also a few minutes for greeting/set-up time. Thank you!